The 4 Ninjas and the Keychain of Destiny is VSA’s humorous, 20 minute animated educational adventure that teaches the ins and outs of buying a vehicle without getting burned. Not all goes well at the dojo!

Follow Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow — 4 young ninjas competing to finish their Sensei’s final graduation challenge. Along the way they face the challenges of prudent buying including research, liens, establishing credit, warranties and more.  All in the hope that they might win … the keychain of destiny.

Watch the movie, then test your Vehicle Buying skills. Test your knowledge with a fun, interactive quiz!

Red stand guard as the ninjas taking the quiz on their laptop and phone.


Just one tool in the Vehicle Sales Authority consumer protection toolbox, visit for companion classroom resources and to learn more.

4 Ninjas Banner pens

Teachers and admin can order this scroll of secret wisdom for every student who will see the movie! Some restrictions apply, quantities limited. If you’re a teacher or admin, request pens for your students to go with your BC Career Life Education car buying session today.

Ninjas Banner Pens

Downloadable Posters for Classrooms

4 Ninjas Posters