Vehicle Recalls

Fiat Chrysler recalls 490K cars in Canada over cruise control defect With the recent rise in manufacturer recalls, the VSA is seeing an increase in recall-related questions. While dealers have an [...]

Takata Airbag Recall

An airbag recall is underway affecting millions of vehicles in the U.S. from approximately 19 different automakers.  Currently Transport Canada has not received any reports of issues related to [...]


支付訂金是向車行表明你願意購買他們的汽車。如果你不是100%確定你會購買, 請不要支付訂金。如果你決定不買,車行可能有權沒收你全部的訂金。 訂金可能是用於: 保留車子一段時間 從其他車行調車 向車廠訂車 安排車貸 訂金應有書面記錄, 所以你應該應該索取一份訂金協議。訂金協議應包含以下內容: 訂金金額 什麼情況下訂金可以退還 什麼情況下訂金不能退還 訂金是否能轉為車價的一部分 [...]