Browsing Vehicle Ads? Look for Industry Best Practices

Looking through vehicle advertising is often the first step in the buying process.  Follow through with an ad that showcases these industry best practices:

  • All advertising by the same dealer for the same vehicle is accurate and consistent, whether you see it on Craigslist,, a dealer website, in a classified ad, or on the actual vehicle.
  • If one advertisement shows a lower advertised price by the same dealer for the same vehicle, then that lower price must be honoured.
  • Documentation and other dealer fees are disclosed in the total price.  Avoid ads that feature generic disclaimers such as “plus fees.”  If you see an ad that has multiple dealers, then the advertisement must disclose the highest documentation fee with a statement such as “plus up to $$$ documentation fee.”
  • Some ads are created by salespeople selling dealer vehicles. Ensure that the pricing in salesperson ads matches dealer pricing.
  • Salesperson ads must correctly describe the vehicle and include the dealer name and number.