Flood Vehicles in BC?

With the recent flooding in the U.S., it’s time to watch for flood damaged vehicles in the B.C. marketplace.

Flood water is a hidden killer.  Flood affected vehicles may look great on the outside, while their electronic systems are damaged and beginning to fail.  Flood vehicles are considered salvage and are not insurable in B.C.  When a flood damaged vehicles is registered it gets a non-repairable (or D) status.  The vehicle is not road safe and must be sold for parts or scrap.

Licensed dealers are required to know and disclose the history of the vehicles they sell.  They must be road safe.  Dealers will be responsible if they sell a flood vehicle, even in error.  Consumer protection begins at a licensed dealer.

Protect yourself if you are buying privately. Use a free online database to determine if a vehicle has come from flood affected areas.  Get a comprehensive vehicle history report to learn the history of the vehicle.  A mechanical inspection should be the final step to identify any problems before you buy.

Consumer Best Practices

  • Check a vehicle’s status (B.C. vehicles only)
  • Search databases for vehicles from flood areas – U.S. or Canadian vehicles
  • Watch a video on spotting flood damage
  • Click here for more helpful links