Public Warning- Twins Speed & Service and Mill Bay Motors

Mill Bay Motors at 2992 Church Way in Mill Bay is no longer licensed.  Twins Speed & Service, located at 5240 Trans Canada Hwy in Duncan, is not a licensed Motor Dealer.  If you purchase a vehicle from these businesses you will not be protected under the Motor Dealer Act.

If you recently purchased a vehicle from one of these businesses and have a concern, you can file a complaint with the Vehicle Sales Authority (VSA).  The VSA will investigate your complaint to determine if a licensed dealer was involved. Consumers are only protected when buying from a licensed dealer.  Under the Motor Dealer Act, the authority of the VSA is limited to consumer purchases from licensed dealers. A consumer’s options are very limited if things go wrong and they have bought privately.

Before purchasing a vehicle, consumers are encouraged to conduct their own research.  Learn how to spot a curber, and find out if the individual or business selling the vehicle is licensed. Not only do licensed dealers have strict standards to follow, there are numerous benefits of buying from a licensed dealer.

Consumer Best Practices

Unlicensed Dealers: