Vehicle Safety Features

Automatic emergency braking. Hill start assist. Curve speed warning.

Confused? You’re not the only one. If you’ve been in the market for a vehicle lately, you may have found that the range of safety features available can be overwhelming.  However many of these safety features are becoming standard as they’re being proven to keep drivers safe and prevent crashes. But what are they, and more importantly, how can they keep you safe?

A study from the University of Iowa indicated that most drivers do not fully understand how a vehicle’s safety features work. 40% of respondents had experienced a situation in which their vehicle acted or behaved in some way they weren’t expecting.

For this reason, the National Safety Council has partnered with the University of Iowa Public Policy Center to create– a website that provides straightforward information on the constantly evolving safety features in vehicles. Their primary purpose is to educate users on how to use the safety technology.

Another great resource is the Canadian Association of Road Safety Professionals’ (CARSP) list of high-tech vehicle safety systems and descriptions of how they work.

Because they can vary from vehicle to vehicle, take the time to understand the safety features that are available.  Not only do they make you a better driver, they help to ensure your safety on the road.

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