What you should know about vehicle returns

A common misunderstanding about buying a vehicle from a dealership is that you can take the vehicle back if you are not happy with it.  This is not correct.  There is no 10 day or 30 day period to try out a vehicle while you decide whether to keep it.  There is no law that gives you the right to easily return a vehicle.  In most cases, if you bought it, it’s yours.


Dealership policies:  A dealership may have choose to have a return policy.  You should learn about these dealership policies before you purchase.  They usually require that you buy a different vehicle from the same dealer.

Dealership errors:  If there is a serious problem with the vehicle that was not disclosed to you, or if the vehicle was sold to you in an improper manner, the return of the vehicle may be one of the remedies that is considered.  If you file a complaint with the VSA, the remedy to your problem will be determined by an investigation of all the circumstances of the sale, not just your preferences.

For more information, see the VSA Fact Sheet on Vehicle Returns.