ad1hiqcurber is an unlicensed individual or business selling vehicles for profit, often while posing as a private seller. Some operate more openly, usually also ignoring local bylaws, refusing to get a business licence or pay tax on their income. Curbers offer none of the protections the law provides for purchases from a Vehicle Sales Authority licensed dealer.

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How do I know if I’m dealing with a curber?

  • You find more than one vehicle listed with the same phone number, and the dealer licence number is not shown
  • The seller says, “Which one?” when you call about the ad
  • The seller doesn’t have the original registration form
  • The name on the registration is not their name, so they’ll say they are selling the vehicle for a friend or family member
  • The vehicle year, make, model, body style or colour don’t match the description on the vehicle’s registration form
  • The vehicle doesn’t match the description given when the Vehicle Identification Number or VIN is decoded
  • Curbers usually insist on meeting at a parking lot or mall, or bringing the vehicle to you, never at their home
  • The seller insists on cash and says they’re in a rush to make a sale

What if I bought from a curber and have a problem?

If you purchased from an unlicensed seller, the VSA has very limited authority to assist you.  However, action may be taken to protect future buyers.

Step one:  Use the VSA public search to confirm the seller is not licensed as a dealer or a salesperson. If they are unlicensed, file a complaint .

Step two:  If you believe the person you purchased from is operating as an unlicensed motor dealer, report them using the Report an Unlicensed Motor Dealer “Curber” Form 102 kB .

Who needs to be licensed as a dealer?

Anyone selling more than five vehicles per year is automatically deemed to be a dealer under BC law.  However, the sale of even one vehicle to a retail consumer as a business activity may require a licence.