What is an offsite sale?

A motor dealer licence is valid only at the designated location on the motor dealer licence certificate. However, a licensed dealer may apply to the VSA for permission to participate in a limited number of offsite sale events such as consumer shows, exhibitions or special sales. A dealer is required to receive a permit from the VSA prior to attending the event.

Which dealers are currently authorized to participate in offsite sales?

Permits issued for events can be found using the online search.  Look under the Offsite Sales Events tab.  A dealer not on the list participating in an offsite event is doing so without the authorization of the Registrar of Motor Dealers, contrary to the requirements of the Motor Dealer Act and Motor Dealer Act Regulations.

Offsite Sale Permit Request Form 0 kB

Salesperson Licensing for Special Events

The host dealer is responsible for all individuals participating in special sales events as well as all activities and representations made as a part of the event. When an independent company or marketing group assists in hosting special sales events:

  • All participating individuals must have completed all the requirements to hold a valid VSA salesperson licence prior to submission of the Employment Authorization Form 0 kB
  • For each individual who is not already a fully licensed representative of the dealership, the host dealer must submit an Employment Authorization Form  0 kB at least three weeks prior to the start of the event. Sections A, B, C & D of the form must be completed in full and signed by the dealer
  • All advertising and promotional materials must comply with the VSA Advertising Guidelines 0 kB