Licensed dealers and salespeople may advertise that they are licensed by the Vehicle Sales Authority. See the Bulletin on the 2016 amendments to the Motor Dealer Act that made this possible.

Approved logos are available for use in dealer advertising, on business cards and on dealer websites. Logos are available in full colour or in black and white.  The Code of Conduct pdf version for posting is also available.

If you’re interested in using the logo or the Code of Conduct pdf version for printing, you must submit a Request Form, agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of Use.

Once submitted and approved, an email with electronic versions of several logo options will be sent to your email address.

Authorization request options

  • A dealer group representative can request authorization for use by all group dealerships and all current licensed staff
  • A dealership can request authorization for use by the dealership and all current licensed staff
  • An individual licensee may request for their individual use only.

Your use of the logo will then be monitored to assure that the terms and conditions are met.

Terms and Conditions and Request Form – Dealer Use

Terms and Conditions and Request Form – Salesperson Use


Sample Logos for Advertising and Websites



Sample Logo for Business Cards