Why is the Continuing Education (CE) a requirement?

Ongoing professional development is a component of licensing for every licensed profession in BC. This recognizes that every major profession benefits from updates regarding the legislation and practices that governs their work.

Who is required to complete Continuing Education (CE)?

All licensed salespeople are required to update their knowledge of emerging issues at least every five years. Salespeople needing to meet the CE requirement will be notified by mail three months prior to their licence renewal.

What is the course format?

To reduce time away from the dealership and the total cost, Continuing Education is divided into three online, self-study modules. The modules are done entirely online and are intended to take approximately 90 minutes per module. All course material and exams are done online.

Course participants will need:

  • A computer (not a tablet or phone)
  • Adobe Flash Player installed (on 99% of computers and free)
  • Computer speakers to hear videos and interviews
  • A high-speed data connection (cable modem, etc.)
  • A quiet, individual place to work, such as an office with a door
  • If working from home, undisturbed time at the computer
  • A modest level of competence with computers

Those who are unsure of their computer skills are encouraged to have a helper for the first module.

How is the requirement fulfilled?

The completion of three modules is needed to fulfill the CE requirement. If the requirement is not met, the salesperson licence will not be renewed.

How much do the modules cost?

The fee for each module is $85.

How can I register for continuing education (CE)?

Registration for the three modules can be done by faxing, mailing, or emailing the CE Course Registration Form . Registration can also be done online through Online Licensee Services.

What are the current topics of the modules?

Module One:  Advertising for Salespeople

  • How the Supreme Court of Canada and the BC Courts set the standard for advertising
  • Liability for advertising errors
  • Minimum ad requirements
  • Problem ads, including the review of a sample internet ad
  • Three case studies based on advertising-related compliance undertakings
  • Personal selling limitations


Module Two:  Privacy for Salespeople

  • Privacy and motor vehicle sales
  • Test drives and customer privacy
  • Vehicle transactions and customer consent
  • Advertising, contests and prospecting
  • Provincial and federal privacy legislation
  • Case studies
  • Third parties, trade-ins and customer privacy


Module Three:  Competing with Curbers

  • Open and transparent selling
  • Declarations, disclosures and liens
  • Vehicle safety and mechanical condition
  • Contracts and added services
  • Consumer complaints and dispute resolution options
  • VSA and curber enforcement
  • Watch out for Curbers! public awareness campaign
  • How do you compare to a curber?
What are the continuing education (CE) registration policies?

As online access to an active CE session is provided on the next business day following payment, course cancellation, transfer and substitution policies do not apply.