• File Number: 19-04-002
  • In the matter of Motor Dealer Act R.S.B.C. 1996 C.316
  • and Salesperson Licensing Regulation, B.C. REG. 202/2017
  • Complainant: Vehicle Sales Authority of BC
  • Motor Dealer/Salesperson:

    Foorat Serop Sultan dba Canadian Maple Leaf Auto (#26885) and Foorat Serop Sultan (#102193)

  • Issues:

    The Authority requested a review of the dealer registration of Foorat Serop Sultan dba Canadian Maple Leaf Auto’s (“Canadian Maple Leaf”) dealer registration and Foorat Serop Sultan’s salesperson licence, based upon allegations that:
    • Canadian Maple Leaf’s debts made it financially nonviable; and
    • Mr. Sultan had sold multiple vehicles to customers, while a lien was still attached.
    Canadian Maple Leaf and Mr. Sultan did not refute the Authority’s allegations and provided no specifics as to how to address the dealership’s debts.

  • Outcome:

    The Registrar found it not to be in the public interest that Canadian Maple Leaf continue to be registered as a dealership, at least until it could show its financial viability and address the consumer’s unpaid liens.
    The Registrar found that insufficient evidence had been presented to show that it was not in the public interest that Mr. Sultan continue to be licensed as a salesperson.
    The Registrar suspended Canadian Maple Leaf’s dealer registration, with conditions to be met before the registrar would consider lifting the suspension.
    The Registrar took no action against Mr. Sultan’s salesperson licence.

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