• File Number: 18-04-005
  • In the matter of Motor Dealer Act R.S.B.C. 1996 C.316
  • Complainant: Vehicle Sales Authority of BC
  • Licensee/Unlicensed person:

    Safiollah (“Safe”) Youseffi (#101011)

  • Issues:

    The Authority requested a review of the salesperson licence of Safiollah (“Safe”) Youseffi, based upon five allegations:
    • Deliberate misrepresentation of material facts, in respect of the sales of motor vehicles;
    • Unauthorized use of a dealer registration, in respect of the sales of motor vehicles;
    • Unauthorized participation in consignment sales;
    • Theft, via failure to distribute the proceeds of consignment sales to the consignor; and
    • “Curbing” – acting as a motor dealer while not registered as one.
    The Authority subsequently abandoned the allegations of unauthorized consignment sales and theft.
    Mr. Youseffi failed to present any evidence to refute the allegations and demonstrated a lack of understanding of the legislative scheme, which governs the industry.

  • Outcome:

    The Registrar found it not to be in the public interest that Mr. Youseffi continue to be licensed as a salesperson.
    The Registrar cancelled Mr. Youseffi’s salesperson licence.

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