Confessions of a Curber: Walt Takes Advantage of a New Canadian

Thank goodness, the stolen vehicle was behind me.

Did I feel bad? Yes. Does it make me a bad person for selling a stolen vehicle? Probably. But to outsiders, my life hasn’t changed. I’m still the same old Walt. Oh, if they only knew.

I was on a roll. To my disbelief, I’d sold seven cars already. I guess you could say it was a part of me now

– I “flip” cars on the side.

And, I was branching out – with a truck and camper. The truck had been rebuilt. It was roadworthy again. I even had the inspection records to prove it. And the camper? That was marketing genius.

When I put it up for sale, I fibbed. But, only a little bit.

“Truck for sale. Fixed after fender bender, looks new. Includes camper. It’s been in an accident, so I’m selling both for a low price. Great for family adventures. Call if interested.”

Shortly after, I got a call. The man had a distinct, charming accent. He asked me what a “fender bender” was. I explained that it was a small accident. He seemed pleased and asked to meet me the next day.

I assumed he was relatively new to the country, so I thought this would be an easy sale. Boy was I wrong!

He’d gone to “new immigrant” welcome classes, where they shared information about life in Canada. I think this was where he developed an interest in camping Canadian style.

He knew all the right questions to ask. But, I gave him all the wrong answers.

And, I didn’t tell him the camper was way too heavy for the truck to be safe.

He also asked for a vehicle history report. I pulled the CarProof report out. I mean, I had nothing to hide. He asked me what “rebuilt” meant. I told him that, because of the small accident, the transmission needed to be rebuilt. Oh, but I’d altered the sections detailing the amount of damage.

Judging from his English skills, I’m sure he didn’t understand the difference. At least he was trying. He got an “A” for effort.

I hope he figures out that the truck and camper would be unsafe on the road when he gets it fully loaded with passengers, fuel and gear. Good thing I have my “no returns” policy!

Yes, I know what you’re all thinking. This is the lowest of the low.

But you have to understand. I was slightly manic about this whole thing. At this point, I would do anything to make a sale and get myself another wallet full of cash.


*Rebuilt – This status is assigned to “salvage” vehicles after they have been repaired and have passed inspection. Vehicle status alone does not fully describe a vehicle’s mechanical condition or damage history. This applies to RVs, motorcycles, cars and trucks.