Confessions of a Curber: Walt Sells a Motorcycle with a Lien

I guess you could say I was addicted. Only my drug of choice wasn’t coke or meth. No – it was the thrill of getting away with it all. And the easy cash, of course.

Throwing the camper into that last deal was a great marketing idea.

And, like last time, I decided to branch out again. There’s so much more than just cars! This time I decided to go with a motorcycle.

I purchased it off the internet – I guess you could call it a curber-to-curber transaction.

Oh, of course I knew every trick in the book by now. The seller gave me my old story and said that he was the real owner.

Did I care? Not a chance. It was a nice Harley. And it was a steal. I knew I could flip it for more. Why? Because I was a better marketer.

But I needed to do it fast. And, I had to make sure I had a buyer that was naive enough not to do a lien

check through CarProof or the province!

As usual, I put up a generic, one-line Craigslist ad. With a price like mine, I had a buyer within an hour.

I made sure the Harley looked its best. I polished it until it sparkled and filled it with gas. Hey, what’s a few bucks?

Then I ran into a small problem.

I found out that my seller was the real owner. Wow. But he sold me a vehicle that was about to be repossessed.

Fortunately, he was in such a hurry that he didn’t make me do the transfer – so it was still in his name. No big deal. *Bridging was my friend.

I just used his name and hoped my buyer would never ask me for ID.

And I was right. The buyer smelled a bargain and took the bait like fish. He thought I was the fool! No lien check, no ID check. Just cash.

I was home free, again.

And the best part? When the bailiff came for the motorcycle, he didn’t even know my name.


*Bridging – A trick that curbers use to keep their identity secret. Curbers will pay more for a vehicle from an unscrupulous wholesaler or broker if they are not required to immediately put the vehicle in their name. This keeps their name out of the vehicle registry and makes them impossible to locate when deals go bad. Breaking the law is never a concern for them.