Walt Prowls the Cariboo

Guess who’s back??  That’s right!  I’ve been laying low.  But, your favourite curber is back and looking to make some extra cash!

Folks were catching on to my scams at home, so I needed a change of scenery.  And, what could be better than the Cariboo in the summer?  I picked a friendly town, hoping for less suspicious customers.

Now, I just had to lure them to my so called “lot”.  How?  Clever advertising, of course.  I needed to get creative!  Time to add flyers and a website to my typical Craigslist ads. This was a blitz, not a trickle!

Of course, the vehicles I had for sale weren’t the most appealing.  If I told the truth, it would take forever to make a sale!  No, I had to get customers thinking they were gems.  I had five vehicles, including the RV that I was sleeping in.  In typical Walt fashion, I altered an odometer or two, hid some oil leaks, covered up the smell of mould.  Used every detailing trick in the book.  When they all sparkled, I got to work.

I gave my “dealership” a name – Walt’s Wheels.  I just pulled some photos from the internet that looked better than my cars, and added a few more for good measure.  I’d just say they were already sold.  Create a sense of urgency and get them to buy another!  The old bait and switch!

And here’s another secret – the prices on the flyers and the website were not my real price.  I just had to get them to bite.   With no prices on the cars like a real dealer, once they were in love, I’d just tell them the low price was a misprint!  Surprising how often it works.

I looked at my flyer and frowned.  Something was missing.  Ah yes, the final touch.  I wrote “Sale! Family Deals” in big yellow letters.  Surely that would grab someone’s attention!

And the calls came in!  As usual, from people who put price first.  I told them I was waiting for permits to open my dealership – but I could come to them.  Convenient for them, and I stay in the shadows – everybody wins!  Well, sort of…

My blitz was a success.  Sure, I had some who walked as soon as they learned the real price.  And two who wanted a CarProof Vehicle History Report to prove what I said.  Boy, I dropped them fast!  But I needed only five.  I sold them all within the week.

Where next?  100 Mile House, Williams Lake or Quesnel?  I can’t wait.  Time to get some inventory.