Walt Strikes Gold!

My blitz campaign continued to hit the jackpot all the way through the Cariboo.  I sold my way from 100 Mile House to Quesnel.  But, the towns are small.  So I did my business fast.  And then I got right out of there!  Here today, gone tomorrow – that’s my summer motto!

I wanted to take a little break, but I also never stop selling.  I settled into my latest RV and got on my way.  I headed up a quiet road and passed a small town, population 300.  Then I saw it.  It was a sign.  Both literally and figuratively.  Yep, you guessed it – I hit B.C.’s very own gold mine.  Could I strike gold in Barkerville!

I had the perfect vehicle to suit this tourist destination, but the buyers were limited.  And my RV was a little worn.  With my recent travels, the odometer reading might be a deal breaker for some.

But, as you probably already know, I’m an experienced curber.  I knew just the solution.  I still had my odometer tool, so I rolled it back to hide some miles.  Gave it a good scrub down, switched up the tires to match the miles – the usual.  And of course, I left no traces of what I’d done.

A few days passed.  Still no calls.  That’s odd, I thought.  This never happens.  My schemes never fail me!  I was growing restless.  Tourists came and went.  And my RV remained “For Sale.”  Why wasn’t I striking gold?

But I was in luck.  In the campground, I chatted with a family having serious engine troubles with their RV.  Looked like their vacation might be derailed without some help.  Lucky for me, a licensed RV dealer was some miles away and they trusted me.  That’s my goal.  Seem like the neighbor down the street.

The RV was safe, as far as I knew, and their vacation was saved.  But I sold it for way over its value.  I loaded my things onto the motorbike I had strapped to the bumper and headed home.  Walt has officially conquered the Cariboo.  Boy, I really do get around!

Watch for me!  I could be in your town next.