Watch out for Walt (the Curber)!

It’s been a slow few months for me.  After striking gold up north and making quick cash in the Okanagan, I needed new victims—err buyers.  By finding unsuspecting buyers outside the Lower Mainland last year, I sold more vehicles and made more money!  I was hungry for more.

So, I hopped on a Victoria ferry in one of my inventory of cars.  I found the Island Highway and headed north.  The beaches were calling my name!  I coaxed my clunker over the Malahat with a couple of liters of oil.  Boy, I needed to unload this one fast and pick up some new inventory.

Where better to do this than in a charming community full of friendly locals!  I needed buyers who would believe my stories—and not verify my documents or ask for a vehicle history report.  A few lies and some sweet talking was all I would need!

But first, I had to buy a car to be able to sell a car.  I found an ad on the internet for a truck that looked great.  I don’t plan to tell the truth about the accident history or the mechanical condition, so appearance and a low price are all that matter.  Rebuilt after a bad accident?  Not my worry.

My sales strategy?  For Sale signs, free online ads, and flyers posted where I could.  Oh, and a price that was too good to be true will always get them calling.

I’d wanted to dump the oil burner, but it was the truck that went first.  A fellow was determined to have it.  He believed my sad tale about needing to send the money to my brother in Fort Mac and totally missed the prior accident in his hurry to get the low price.

A licensed dealer would have been obligated to disclose so much more!  Instead, after my sale, I’d be moving along.  Take the cash and run.  More’s the pity if they tried to find me!

My next task?  Buy a small RV to live in while I enjoyed a summer of island selling.  People always think they can outsmart me…can you?  Visit to see if you can get past my tricks!