Will Walt Sink or Swim in the Okanagan?

Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’!  Only you older folks will remember the Rawhide TV show, but this was the best way for me to do my business.  Buy a car, sell a car, keep those doggies moving!  And, if a buyer found out about the problems I’d hidden?  Too late, I’d already hit the trail!  And my cellphone?  Pick a number, any number!

After rolling my way through the communities of the Thompson, the Okanagan was perfect.  More cities where I could buy, sell and run.  So I settled into my RV in a campground by the lake and searched the web for inventory.  It’s easy to turn junkers into cash when you’re willing to lie.

I also looked at my tired old RV.  I knew I wouldn’t need it during the winter in the Lower Mainland.  And, who wouldn’t want to make a wad of cash while on vacation instead of spending it?  So I spent some time giving it a good scrub down and upgrading the tires.  Made it look real nice.

But, it had way too many kilometers on it.  It had definitely crossed the Prairies a few times.  Then again, who needs to know?  I didn’t think twice as I rolled the odometer just a tad to hide some of that trail dust.  In typical curber fashion, I left no traces of what I’d done.  To a trusting buyer, I was giving them a great deal!  Like making a silk purse from a sow’s ear…

As always, lady luck was on my side.  I met an older couple in the campground where I was staying.  They told me a sad story about their trailer – apparently, they bought it off a private seller before coming on vacation.  Just a month later, the electrical system was failing.  They’d been trapped for a week trying to track down the seller and find their way home.  Their crisis was my opportunity!

I played the friendly next-door neighbour.  I could help them with the perfect RV to get them home safely.  I even gave them a “special price.”  Two for one!  Two for me, that is, and some cash!  They were thrilled.  The lady even gave me some mighty tasty peaches as a thank-you for saving their vacation.  A little spit and polish, some electrical trickery and I had two vehicles to sell.  Their old pickup and their trailer!  I could ride my scooter home if I needed to.

It’s a good thing they didn’t learn from their first experience!  They didn’t think to call a licensed RV dealer for help they could trust.  Didn’t ask for a vehicle history report, like CarProof.   Didn’t spot the rust.  As the young Clint Eastwood would say, I’d be livin’ high and wide at the end of my ride!  But first, I needed to go for a swim and then stop at that fine looking winery up the road.