Reminder for Dealers to Verify Vehicle Mileage

A Florida dealership recently made headlines for selling several vehicles with tampered odometers.  After an investigation, the dealership was ordered to take the vehicles back and refund the consumers the full amount.  Criminal charges may follow.


BC dealerships are reminded to verify the vehicles’ mileage.  Dealerships can be held responsible even if the mileage is unintentionally misrepresented. Dealers are also reminded that when repairing or replacing a damaged odometer, the original odometer reading must be recorded and disclosed.


If you suspect vehicles offered to you have been tampered with, please contact the VSA.  Tampering with an odometer is an offence under the Criminal Code of Canada and extends to all individuals, not just dealers.  In addition, the Registrar may impose penalties and suspend or cancel a dealer’s licence if tampering is proven to have been done by a licensed dealer.

The complete news story regarding Odometer Fraud from Tampa, Florida can be found here: