VSA Collaborates on Top Ten Scams of 2013

The VSA recently collaborated with the Better Business Bureau of BC  (BBB) on the Top Ten Scams of the year.   Curbers, or unlicensed dealers, made the list as the Top Sales Scam of 2013.


The BBB compiled a list of the top scams of the year and divided them into nine categories, such as Top Love Scam, Top Online Scam, and Top Youth Scam.  The theme this year – “just in case a scam is around the corner” – shows consumers that even though something may seem legitimate, it may actually only empty your pockets.


A press conference was held on January 15th with the official release of the Top Ten Scams.   Representatives from the BBB, BC Securities Commission, Consumer Protection BC, the Competition Bureau of Canada, the RCMP, and the VSA were all present and provided insights into their fields.


With technology more accessible than ever, it was noted that fraud money makes up about $10-30 billion dollars each year in Canada.  This number may be more, as only 10% of fraud victims come forward.


The BBB and its partners are hoping consumers take notice of the various scams.  To protect themselves, consumers should not share any information with anyone prior to verifying sources.  Money should only be sent online if there is a Terms and Conditions page (read all of it), and contact resources are verified.  Giving out cash and personal cheques should be done with caution.


Consumers who have been victims of fraud are also urged to come forward.  The Be Fraud Aware app is available on all Apple products, and allows consumers to report fraud anonymously.


If anyone is believed to be an unlicensed motor dealer, or curber, they can be reported to the VSA by completing the following form:

Report a curber